Sunday, March 8, 2015

DBZ Xenoverse: How To Farm Dragon Balls/Hercule Badge

Monday, December 29, 2014

Nintendo 2DS Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my written review on the Nintendo 2ds. While some may consider this late, I say better late than never. I want to talk about the pro's and the con's of the system. Let's begin.

First let's get the things that we already know out of the way. The 2ds essentially is the 3ds just without 3D. The screen size, screen resoluton(technically the 3ds has a few more pixels, but that's only for the 3D visuals), camera, and hardware capabilities are the same. However, the 2ds seems to have a brighter screen and longer lasting battery. Controls also feel exactly the same, they're just placed a little differently because of the system's design. Now that, that is out of the way let's us go over the pro's of the system.

Overall feel- The 2ds is extremely comfortable in hand and is perfectly fit for playing all kinds of games on the system. All ports, and other things such as the stylus are positioned in places that will not deter or hinder the experience on the system.

Amazing battery life- I know I stated it before but the battery life is so good that it deserves this much praise. You will get an abundant amout of play time out of the system even when on max brightness and connected to the internet. This system was truly made for gaming on the go in terms off battery life.

Pricing- If you are trying to budget then this is surely the platform that you want to pick. With the money you save you can spend that on another game to add to your collection!

Well unfortunately it's time I get to the con's...

Bigger and wider than the 3ds- While the design is fantastic when actually playing games; the size hinders the comfortablilty when on the go. The 2ds can barely fit in the pocket and when it does it's uncomfortable and protrudes very noticeably in your pants pocket. A carrying case is highly recommended.

Mono speaker- The sound is fine but it isn't as good as the original 3ds's sound. However you can plug in headphones and you will recieve the same sound as you would on a 3ds.

Extremely vulnerable screen- Unlike the 3ds, the 2ds does not close at all; meaning that the screen is at constant risk for dust, dirt, liquids, and any other kind of bad accident. The screens were made to be more tougher than the original 3ds but of couse that doesn't mean that their isn't still a risk.

Overall the 2ds is a wonderful handheld console. It's price, and design can appeal to anyone! I give the 2ds a 8/10! Highly Recommended!

Did this review help you at all? let me know in the comment section below! Thanks for stopping by, see you guys next time!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced warfare is one of the best COD games that I've played in a long time! Review coming soon!