Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mass Effect News

Mass Effect 4 News & PS4 Update Arrives - IGN Dai…:

Nidhogg PS4

Nidhogg is finally coming to PS4! This game is going to be great, I can't wait for this!

Nidhogg PS4 Trailer:


To record your games you must turn HDCP off, but to watch anything video related it must be shut back on.

PS4 HDCP toggle must be off to record games, on to watch video apps -

Games With Gold: May's lineup of free games

Here are the two free games coming to the Xbox 360 in May.

Saints Row: The Third, Dust: An Elysian Tail go free on Xbox 360 in May -

New Game announced By Sony!

Call of duty: Ghost multi-player demo

Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Demo Coming This Weekend -

Driveclub Details

More driveclub details!

DriveClub PS+ Edition Details: Includes 10 Cars & 5 Tracks, Trophies Still Unlockable, More -

PS4 gameplay compilation

Quick video of gameplay.

PS4 Compilation:

PS4 Update 1.70 Instructions

Here are instructions on how to use all the features that the new update has provided. Click the link below.

PS4: How to Dim Blue Light Bar, Move Media to USB, Disable HDCP -

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Watchdogs DLC Details

Here are the details for the dlc coming to Watchdogs.

Game Informer Online: Watch Dogs Season Pass Trailer Shows New Playable Character And Campaign.

Better Left In The Shadows preview

A preview of the upcoming game 'Better Left In The Shadows'.

Game Informer Online: Better Left In The Shadows.

Microsoft To Launch Xbox One In China

It's official. Microsoft is planning to launch the Xbox One In China this September. Hopefully they sell well.

Microsoft and BesTV to launch Xbox One in China this September -

Sucker Punch Has Something Coming

After the success that was Infamous Second Son, developer Sucker Punch is hard at work on their next project!

Sucker Punch: “Most of the Studio is Already Hard at Work on What’s Next” -

All star wars games are no longer canon

All those many hours spent playing star wars games.... Wasted.

All Star Wars games are no longer canon… uh oh -

Minecraft surpasses 15 million sales

It appears that minecraft is selling like hotcakes! Numbers have just been released and we are shocked to see minecraft at a whopping 15 million!

All feedback is welcome.

Injustice 2

According to multiple reports, injustice 2 is coming. That's all the details that has been shared to the public. Who is developing it, and when its coming is still unknown at this point in time.

How do you guys feel about this news?
Where you ready for an injustice 2?

All feedback welcome.

PS4 Update 1.70 Tomorrow

The long awaited Playstation 4 update is coming tomorrow, April 30th. This will bring a multitude of features including
*the ability to transfer your videos to a USB device and upload it to any website that you wish
*And the ability to turn off HDCP.
For all the details of the upcoming update copy the link below.

Nintendo's E3 plans

Game Informer Online: Nintendo Announces E3 Plans, Does Not Include Press Conference.

Driveclub release date

Driveclub Is Out This October For PS4 -

Destiny pre-order perk

Destiny pre-order perk lets you fly around Devil's Lair in style -